If you haven’t yet heard the new Stanley Marketplace is open, you must not live in the area. The 105,000 square foot former airline hanger turned multi-business food hub began to open at the end of 2016 and is already thriving! This is sooooo exciting for Nourish because we are going to be JUST across the street. Literally. You know those ‘Aurora Rising’ posters on the brown fence across from the parking lot… that’s our new home! We did a quick and dirty mock-up to give you an idea, check it out…

Shoppers will be able to walk or bike across the street or drive their cars straight out of one lot, into the other. It literally couldn’t be more convenient. You can get all the essentials you need for your family for the week at Nourish, then pick up some specialty chocolate, beer, a nice bouquet of flowers or even a new outfit across the street. Awesome!

And speaking of the big brown fence… who wants to paint it? We do! We’re currently recruiting local artists, designers, volunteers, and generous donors to help us turn this blank canvas into a work of art. If you have any suggestions or would like to help out, please reach out to our project manager, Kim Soko Schaefer at kim.s.schaefer@gmail.com.

The Board, our staff and volunteers couldn’t be more excited about moving into our new neighborhood soon… all we need is a few more member-owners to sign up so that we can launch our capital campaign and raise the money we need to open those doors. If you’ve been thinking about joining but haven’t had the time or money, this is your chance to own a piece of this burgeoning community. Buy your share of the co-op today!

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