When you become a member-owner of Nourish, you become an owner of the co-op. We are owned and operated by people just like you – members of the community willing to work together to provide for themselves.


Upon joining, member-owners pay a one-time equity investment of $200 which can be paid in full or on a payment plan starting at $25/month. After your first payment your member-ownership benefits will begin. The initial member-owner equity payments, along with additional  investments from member-owners who would like to make a greater commitment to their co-op, is what will serve as the start-up capital we need to open our store. Learn more about investing in the co-op here.


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The motivating purpose of co-ops is to serve the needs of the owners rather than to generate a profit. When the co-op does make a profit, it is cycled back into Nourish to increase our services for the member-owners, or if sufficient profit is made, it is given back to the member-owners in the form of a patronage payments.


Co-op ownership is voluntary and all shoppers are welcome at Nourish. However, there are some special benefits that we offer to our member-owners.


Be heard: Member-owners that join before the store opens can participate in focus groups, surveys, and/or join committees to provide input for our Board of Directors to make the major decisions of where our store is located, how we fill our shelves, and who we hire to manage the store.

Join the Board: run for for a position as Director of our Board, and have the ultimate say in how we build our co-op

Annual meeting: every September all member-owners are invited to vote on special issues, hear from the board about the previous years’ progress and strategic plans for the year ahead

Free events: special access to monthly community engagement events at no cost to member-owners

Nourish Fresh Food Box: only member-owners can purchase fresh, local produce delivered to Stapleton every Thursday, sign up today

Special access: our website now has a member-owner’s area which is password protected and contains our annual financial statements, monthly approved minutes from our Board of Directors and other official documents for member-owners only

Investment opportunity: only member-owners have the rare opportunity to invest directly in their neighborhood to create community wealth and own a piece of their neighborhood, learn more

Founders’ legacy: Founding member-owners have a special place in a co-op’s history. They are those first pioneers who helped to pave the way for all other future member-owners and community residents to enjoy the food co-op for years to come.



Patronage payments: as soon as our store is deemed financial stable and profitable, and once the initial debt we need has been paid off, member-owners will receive an annual dividend based on your annual purchases from the store that year

Owner appreciation days: select days throughout the year when member-owners receive 10% off a single transaction

Member-owner discounts: available on specially marked products throughout the year

Reciprocal member-ownership: your member-ownership at Nourish will be valid at the Westwood Food Co-op and the West Colfax Food Co-op through a special Denver Food Co-op Alliance, meaning you’ll receive whatever special member-owner benefits those stores offer, and your purchases will be applied to Nourish’s annual dividend from the other co-ops


Sign up Now!

Becoming a member-owner is easy, you can do it online, or by downloading, signing and mailing in our Member-Ownership Agreement & Disclosure Form.

To become a member online, simply click here and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to view and agree to the Membership Agreement Disclosure Form, provide us with some necessary contact information, and the continue to pay your $200 equity investment. You can pay in full or join a payment plan starting at $25/month. If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to: Nourish Community Market, and send it to Nourish Community Market, PO Box 6225, Aurora CO 80045.