Host a dinner party for the co-op!


As we work to grow our membership base, we invite all of our current member-owners to host a dinner party with your neighbors to help us get us to our membership goals.

A dinner party? Yes! Research has shown that the main reason why individuals join the co-op is because they were convinced by a current member-owner. That’s why we are asking for your help.

The dinner party concept is simple, and as the host you can tailor it to fit your personality. Whether it’s a potluck, Italian theme, simply appetizers or just dessert (why not?) – it’s up to you! We simply ask that you:

Before the party:

– Make a list of all the people you know from work, school, your kids’ activities, your street, and your community that would make great member-owners but aren’t yet signed up, and invite them!

– Think about why they would be interested in the co-op, whether they want access to healthy food, have a special diet or only eat organic or local, they are passionate cooks and would love the fresh, quality ingredients, or they would just love the idea of a community-building venture.

– Work with our Outreach Coordinator, Anneli, to plan your party.

At the party:

–  Share why you joined Nourish with the group. Personal stories add value to individuals who are contemplating joining. The story you share about joining could align very closely with someone in attendance and could be the reassurance they need to join.

– Ask your guests to become member-owners.

– Take a photo of the members who join with a whiteboard “I joined the co-op because…” sign.

In order to help prepare for your dinner party, we have a complete Event Planning Guide which will help make your dinner easy and fun.

Contact our Outreach Coordinator, Anneli, when you’re ready to get started: volunteer or (802) 922-2337.

Bon appétit!


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