Board Elections and Annual Meeting 2016 update


The Nourish Community Market is officially in our third year! July 1st marked the start of FY17, or our third financial year in operation. We incorporated in July 2014 and, as is typical with retail businesses, we have a financial year that goes from July 1st – June 30th (as opposed to the calendar year, Jan 1 – Dec 31). FY15 was our year 1, FY16 was our year 2, and now we’re entering FY17 or year 3.

A new year, also means a new annual meeting and elections to our Board. Our bylaws state (see section II) that we must hold our annual member’s meeting within 120 days of the close of our financial year. At the June board meeting, our Directors decided to host this meeting on Monday, October 17th from 6:00 – 8:00pm [updated] at the Stapleton MCA Community Room, right next to The Berkshire in the East 29th Avenue Town Center.

During this meeting all member-owners will hear updates from our Board of Directors, vote on amendments to our bylaws and articles of incorporation, vote for new Directors, and have the opportunity to bring up any other business they may wish to discuss. In order for any vote to be approved, our bylaws require that a quorum be present–in this case 5% of our membership, or about 35-40 member-owners.

At the meeting, all member-owners will each receive one vote, and normal votes will be decided by a majority. Any amendments to the bylaws require a 2/3 vote by the member-owners present at the meeting. At the June board meeting, your Directors proposed two changes to our bylaws that all present member-owners will have a chance to vote on (1) remove ‘natural person’ from the definition and requirements of membership so as to allow organizations, such as other co-ops, to become members of our co-op, and (2) to officially change the name from ‘Northeast Community Cooperative Market’ to ‘Nourish Community Market.’

The full agenda will be determined by the Board at the August board meeting (date TBD). If any member-owner has a topic they wish to be addressed, it is recommended that they email the board directly to request it be added to the agenda (

Typical agendas would include the following:

  1.  Determination of quorum
  2. Proof of due notice of meeting
  3. Reading and disposition of minutes
  4. Nominations for vacancies on the Board of Directors
  5. Auditor’s report
  6. Report of Board of Directors by the Chair
  7. Report of the Secretary
  8. Report of the Treasurer
  9. Report of management (once open)
  10. Reports of committees
  11. Unfinished business
  12. New business
  13. Elections
  14. Adjournment

Currently there are three Directors whose term will expire at this meeting: (1) Thomas Spahr, our current Chair, (2) Matthew Dimalanta, our current Vice Chair, and (3) John Karen, our Treasurer. Thomas and Matthew have announced they will run for re-election, but John will be retiring from the Board at this time.

Also at the June board meeting, our Directors established a nominating committee to assist in finding member-owners to run as potential board Directors. That committee includes Directors Nick Massie and Jackie Hill and member-owner Sally Peterson. The nominating committee will review potential candidates and come up with up to two nominations per vacancy, or six nominations in total. Nominations will be accepted through August 10th. If you would like to know more about what is involved in joining the Board of Directors, or would like to nominate someone you think would make an excellent Director, please email the board:

The Directors we elect in October will hold three year terms and will thus be instrumental in helping us get the doors open on our store.

Of course, attending these meetings, hearing updates on our financial status and nominating, running for and voting for your board of directors are all privileges of being a member-owner of this co-op. If you are not yet a member, and would like to join in advance of everything happening this fall, please be sure to sign up today! If you have any questions about this process, please email the


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