Nourish Community Market will be a full-service, one-stop-shop community-owned natural grocery store. We will be located at The Heights of Westerly Creek Village, across from the Stanley Marketplace. The store will be member owned, but open to everyone.


Photo courtesy of Rogue Architecture (c)2016 of The Heights at Westerly Creek showing Nourish’s location on the ground level (right)

On Monday, October 17, 2016 we announced to our member-owners at our Annual Membership Meeting that the store will open at 2352 Dallas Street in Aurora’s Westerly Creek Village. Westerly Creek Village is currently home to the Stanley Marketplace and the New Legacy Charter School amongst other local businesses. It is a strategic urban renewal redevelopment neighborhood by the City of Aurora.


The Heights at Westerly Creek Village will be a new mixed-use development with the food Co-op on the ground floor accessible by Dallas St. with for-sale condos and other retail above and on the ground level accessible from Dayton St. Dayton Street is expected to connect to Stapleton by the end of this year making this a very convenient location for the majority of our member-owners located in Stapleton.

We are currently working with our store planning designer and taking input from the community to determine the specifics, but the Board has already agreed to focus on local, healthy, nutritious and sustainable food. Our store will be approximately 10,000 sq ft. We know in order to be ‘full-service’ our market must try to offer everything, but it all depends on where we end up and who our neighbors might be. Some of the things we’re considering include:

  • Fresh produce
  • Bulk items such as nuts and grains
  • Dairy and cheese
  • A range of meat
  • Bread and baked goods
  • Frozen and traditional grocery items (naturally produced packaged goods)
  • Vitamins, supplements and other earth friendly home and beauty care items
  • Pre-prepared foods, courtesy of our friends at Re:Vision and their community kitchen at the Westwood Food Co-op

If you are a local producer or food vendor or know of someone who is, please fill out this brief form as an expression of interest to join our family of suppliers.

If you are a member that would like to have a say in how we stock your shelves, please tell us what you think!

Our Trade Area



This food co-op will be located in an underserved area. Within a three mile radius of our target site area, there are over 55,000 households and more than 150,000 people with no natural grocer. Several of our neighborhoods are considered traditional food deserts, or low income areas with no access to a local grocer within 1 mile. In additional, over two-thirds of the population falls below the median household income level for the Denver metro area.


For more information, please see our site announcement press release.