Nourish Community Market will be Northeast Denver’s first and only community-owned natural grocery store. A one-stop shop for high quality, locally sourced, natural and organic products and a business dedicated to serving our community.


Nourish Community Market, formerly known as Northeast Community Co-op Market, has a mission to cooperatively create a vibrant community-owned, full-service grocery store and gathering place that features highly nutritious, wholesome, sustainably  sourced products.

Our vision is to develop an inclusive and vibrant community hub that will enrich our neighborhoods through proactive community engagement and cooperative ownership, in order to redefine our community’s food delivery system. At the center of several diverse and disconnected neighborhoods, the co-op will bridge these communities through shared concern for food access, healthy living, social and environmental responsibility, democracy, respect and community investment. To meet the needs of our member-owners, the co-op will supply high quality, culturally relevant, organic, locally grown and supplied products, decreasing the physical and social distance between producers and consumers while reconnecting our communities to food, farms, entrepreneurship and cooperation.

Our common values

Community Benefit: building a sense of community through co-op membership; profits stay in the community; our store brings multiple, long-lasting benefits to our community

Local: meets local needs with local resources; emphasizes local goods whenever feasible

Convenience: healthy food access in a convenient location; promotes bikable/walkable/busable amenities in our area

Health: our store will emphasize healthy, fresh, organic and natural food products whenever possible

Cooperative: collaborating to meet the needs of our diverse stakeholders: members, shoppers, community residents, local vendors and community partners

Inclusive and Empowering: accessible to the whole community; ownership and participation generates sense of empowerment; economic empowerment through patronage refunds; provides fulfilling employment opportunities and customer service experiences

Educational: develops community awareness of healthy foods, sustainable food systems, and cooperative ownership

Sustainability: reducing our environmental impact by sourcing locally, hiring locally, and developing our business with green concepts in mind